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MCR Committee 2014/2015

The 2015 MCR committee is (as of 25th January):

- President: Jordan Rush

- Vice-President: Audrey Valreau

- Treasurer: Michael Drewett

- Welfare and Education: Ed Taylor and Georgina Hutton

- Social Secretaries: Laurel Morris and James McTavish

- Bar, Sport and Amenities: Marina Linardic

- Communications: Tom Talbot

- Environment: Josie Hughes

- International: Yingda Liu

- Equal Opportunities: Yuanyuan Liu

You can find out more about our roles here

Posted Sat Feb 7 23:38:10 2015 by Tom Talbot

MCR Committee Elections 2014

Nominations for the 2014 MCR committee election now open!

Nominees can put themselves forward here and be viewed here.

Manifestos have to be sent to before hustings, which take place on Sunday the 30th of November at 3pm (location TBC).

An outline of each of the positions can be found by contacting the respective officer, contact details are listed here.

Voting will be between the 1st and 4th of December, and will be using the CUSU online voting system.

Questions about the election should be forwarded to

Posted Tue Nov 18 14:51:30 2014 by Lewis Lea

2014 Miniball: Space

One of the most exciting MCR events of the academic year is approaching: the MCR Mini Ball on Saturday 30th August!

This will be a perfect opportunity to end the current (or begin the forthcoming) academic year together with your friends, and will consist of a garden party followed by a fancy dinner. After that we will have a bar and casino running.

Booking is now open here.

If you make your booking until the end of July, you will be able to benefit from our Early Bird discount!

Tickets will cost 35 per person before the end of July, after that they will be 40.

Guest tickets are 45 each, and up to 3 can be booked per Downing member.

Posted Sat Aug 9 02:59:04 2014 by Future MCR

MCR Tournaments 2014

Hey guys!

Guess what? It's time for your annual MCR tournaments! If you would like to show-off your skills or have a go at playing Table Football, Pool or, proudly our very own, Downing Curling Pool, now is the time to do so!

You can compete individually or as a team, and all levels are welcome! There will be approx. 6-8 matches in the group stage (best of 5 games/frames), with the winners going through to the semi-finals and finals.

It's for free, and it's lots of fun! Prizes include trophies, name plaques and of course a never-ending reputation.

Please sign up on the sheet pinned to the notice board in the MCR (Name and CRSid). All matches are to be played between April 21st and May 30th - the finals will be celebrated with our bar being open:)

Get excited!

Bar, Sports and Amenities love,

P.S: If you are not around to sign up for the tournaments, please email me with details about the game(s) you wish to play.

Posted Tue Mar 25 15:02:56 2014 by nag32

Room Ballot

Sunday 16th March

The MCR ballot for assigning college accommodation will take place on Sunday 16th March in the MCR. Details of the rooms available and the order of the ballot will be circulated a few days before the event. It will be possible to nominate a proxy to select a room on your behalf if you are not able to attend.

Posted Thu Mar 6 10:49:14 2014 by ll379

New Downing MCR Committee for 2014

The current MCR committee is pleased to announce the results of yesterday's elections for the next MCR Committee. The new officers, listed below, will being their term on Thursday 12 December. Congratulations to all!

- President: Cindy Valreau
- Vice-President: John Morgan
- Treasurer: Marc Jansen
- Welfare and Education: James Fox and Suil Collins
- Social Secretaries: Malte Hoffmann and David John Roche
- Bar, Sport and Amenities: Nicole Gkatza
- Communications: Lewis Lea
- Environment: Tara Jafarmadar
- International: Gregory Akall
- Equal Opportunities: Clare Pacini

Like every year, we also voted on Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU) and Gradute Union (GU) affiliation. We remain affiliated to both.

Teresa (CRSid mts38, MCR President 2013 and Returning Officer in charge of the elections) will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the elections or the transition to the new committee.

Posted Fri Dec 6 10:49:14 2013 by mts38