Downing College MCR

MCR Mailing Lists

As a member of Downing MCR, you can get MCR-related emails via two channels: the weekly MCR newsletters sent to the college graduate student email list, and the opt-in MCR mailing list.

College Graduate Student List ("pgs at dow")

A weekly MCR newsletter is sent to all Downing graduate students via this list. You don't have to opt in to receive these emails, and you can't opt out, but the Newsletter is only sent out weekly (on Thursdays). We try to limit other messages to this list as much as possible.

All graduate students at Downing should be on the central college-run mailing list, but it has come to our attention that a significant number of people have slipped through the net somewhere in the college offices. If you suspect you aren't on this mailing list, for example if you are not receiving the weekly MCR Newsletter and lots of other messages from college, please contact Tom Talbot immediately!

Opt-in MCR Email List ("dow-mcr at lists")

This is the mailing list you subscribe to using the form in the right-hand column of this website. This is used for extra emails like reminders of special events.

Graduate Union Bulletin List

This isn't specifically to do with Downing MCR, but as a member of the Grad Union you'll also get their weekly bulletins (which often have some overlap with the contents of the MCR Newsletter) and other notices. For more information, see the Grad Union bulletins page. You can individually unsubscribe yourself if you want.

How to Send Something to MCR Members

Email if you have a message you'd like sent out.

We get a lot of emails every day, both from inside and outside college, asking us to advertise things to MCR members. This is fine, and we will always do our best to pass your message on. However, please bear the following things in mind:

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